MP3 Player


Ever since I started college (1998), I wanted to create a stand-alone mp3 player. There were no iPods then, no smart phones, not even Zune. It has come a long way since this first version (2002):

Latest Version

After many, many, iterations of this project, what you see at the top of this page is my latest version (Jan 2019). I still use it whenever I go on my runs (jogs).

Microcontroller: ATXMEGA128A4U (8 bit, 128K SRAM, 32MHz)

Display: SSD1306 Monochrome OLED 128×32, SPI

MP3 decoder: VS1053

Battery: 3.7V LiPo

MicroSD card: 32GB

Connections: USB (for charge, couldn’t get USB MassStorage device to work properly, it’s much faster when I remove the SD Card and plug it into my laptop anyways), Headphone jack, SD card connector, 6 buttons for control



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