Hacked Catchphrase


This was a fun project. I ripped apart an old catch phrase and replaced its guts with my own 16×2 LCD character display and PCB with a custom dictionary of words…ripped from Urban Dictionary.


The most tedious part of this project was reducing the 27 MB text file of Urban Dictionary words I found on the Internet into a 4096 list of words that I could fit into my 2Mbit EEPROM I had laying around. I went through several iterations of removing “garbage” words that wouldn’t be “easy” words to have your friends guess. Like, really weird acronyms and whatnot.

After that, I just randomly chose 4096 words and skimmed through it to make sure all of them were somewhat reasonable, and remove the really nasty (i.e. racist) words. Then I loaded the EEPROM.

The remaining efforts were to toggle the speaker at the right frequencies and timing that resembled the actual Catch Phrase game.

We have used this version on so many Game Nights!

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