MP3 Player


I first had this idea my freshman year of college. At this point, mp3 technology had only been around for a couple years, and portable mp3 players had not even hit the market yet. As my intro on the home page talks about, I had just gotten interested in microcontroller programming at this point in my hobby career. Much of the techniques and technologies were still above my head, so it took me a few years (as you can see from the navigation pane) to get some practice interfacing with various devices.

In my senior year of college, I successfully interfaced to a laptop hard drive using the ATA protocol, and so around June 2002 I decided to marry that with an mp3 decoder chip. I stumbled upon a decent chip that decodes mp3 streams, the vs1001k.



I went through several iterations of this project, each one slightly more compact, lower power, and higher capability. The last version I completed had an SD card, a display from a cell phone, and small tactile buttons for control, and USB connectivity. All versions implemented reading/writing to a FAT32 file structure.