I have received many requests for schematics, code, "where can I buy this?!", etc. since I've started showcasing my projects on Youtube, so I decided to finally make a website. Please browse my projects, place an order for one of my projects, or drop me a note at gjbrault@gmail.com.

The "No Parts PIC Programmer"

I've always been interested in electronics and programming, but it wasn't until about a week before I started college in 1998 that I read an article in an issue of "Electronics Now" that focused on a "No-Parts PIC Programmer (NoPPP)". That article piqued my interest, and I began to dabble in the fun (and a bit expensive at times) hobby of microcontroller and embedded system development. I've come a long way from my first "Hello, World" project of blinking a single LED on a PIC16F84, and I've learned tons and had a blast doing it. I met, and subsequently married, my beautiful wife and best friend Allison along the way (see the project I designed and built to propose to her). She calls my workroom the "Room of Death", probably because she's afraid of being electrocuted or burned from my soldering iron, but mostly because of its lack of cleanliness. I'm working on that.


I've always been into quiz bowl and trivia. I played quiz bowl in high school, and frequently play Buzztime Trivia under the handle OHM. Anyways, I remember discovering in high school how much the buzzer lockout systems cost. I thought to myself, "I could make buzzers that do the exact same thing for hundreds less!". So, one of my first projects (and has been upgraded and improved many times since then) was to build one. See a wired version here and a wireless version here. Click here if you're interested in buying one!

I've also dabbled in PHP and MYSQL development, so if you're interested in seeing my online Trivia Database I built, see this.